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This Web Site is designed to be a point of contact for members of the Faed family, their friends, relatives and anyone wishing to contact them, or find information on the Faed family artists and their work.

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The Forum is useful place to ask about Faed artists and their work.

The Faed's have an important place in Scottish art history and their talents are recognized far beyond Scotland. For some examples of their work and for a look at the continually expanding Faed family tree please visit Colin Faed's website. Click on CONTACTS for a list of websites and email addresses.

This Website has been set up to provide links to other Faed Family websites and e-mail addresses. Any links that are relevant to the Faed Family and the work of the Faed artists will be added as time permits. Over the years several variants of the family name have appeared such as, Feader, Fead, Faed & Faid

There was a Faed Family reunion 17-20 August 2000.

Click on FAED 2000 for more information

In 2000 there were exhibitions in Gatehouse and Kirkcudbright to mark the centenary of the death of Thomas Faed

During August 2002 exhibitions in Gatehouse and Kirkcudbright concentrated on John Faed as painter and illustrator.
Click here for: The "Bringing the Kirkcudbright Artists Home" Exhibition
Click below for links to other sites with pictures or information on the Faed artists
John Faed  http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/faed_john.html
Thomas Faed  http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/faed_thomas.html  

Mary McKerrow the author of the book "The Faeds" detailing the life and works of the Faed artists has done much to re-ignite interest in the Faeds and their work.  The book is valuable reference and source of information to all interested in the Faed Artists.

 Mary McKerrow passed away on Friday, 22nd September 2000.